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  • How do I fit the LaceBrace correctly?
    The Lace Brace should be carefully stretched over the front of the boot and the studs into place with the 7 ridges on top of the brace pointing downward to achieve ultimate traction with the ball. Click the link below for a video showing how to fit with ease;
  • How do I make sure LaceBrace fits best on my boot?
    For the best fit and to ensure you get the best possible contact with the ball, we suggest a single lace knot, which will lessen the bulk under the strap. Some choose to completely remove the laces with the support offered on the tighter fitting sizes.
  • Which countries do we currently ship to?
    We currently provide free shipping within the UK. We also ship worldwide, which includes an additional shipping charge and choice of Standard or Tracked & Signed. If your country of choice doesn't appear in our shipping list, please email us at and we will add this on request.
  • How can I look after my LaceBrace to prolong its durability and appearance?
    You should remove your LaceBrace immediately after use and wash with warm soapy water.
  • Can the LaceBrace be used on surfaces other than grass?
    It is not advisable to use the LaceBrace on rough abrasive surfaces.
  • Can the LaceBrace be used with footwear other than football/rugby/field hockey boots?
    The LaceBrace can be used with other footwear such as AstroTurf boots, but avoid abrasive surfaces when doing so.
  • How do I ask a question to GRIP:SEVEN?
    Please send us any questions you may have via this email address
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